#TBT 1997 – Drain Sth.

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to 1997 – when the Sweedish – all female metal band – Drain STH had the attention of the nu metal community. They had just finished up touring OzzFest and was out on a club tour. And we were just about to sit down with their bassist Anna Kjellberg.

Our first taste of Drain STH had came just prior to seeing them on the Ozzfest as they played KROCKATHON #2 in Vernon Downs. They were pretty women who’s played heavy riffs!! They were what every nu metal chic in 1997 inspired to be. The band took it in stride, but would rather people judge them by what they were playing than rather what they were wearing. And rightfully so.

Drain STH disbanded in 2000. It was a short run, and one can only wonder where they would be today if they continued on.

Anna K. would go on to play in Hanzel Und Gretyl, Revolting Cocks, Opiate for the Masses and is rumored to be currently doing a solo project. Drummer Martina Axen was also rumored (never confirmed) to have worked with Snake River Conspiracy, and is currently working on a solo project. ┬áVocalist Maria Sjoholm would go on to marry Black Sabbath’s guitarist Tony Iommi and retire from the music business. Guitarist Flavia Canel ┬áhas switched gears from playing music to managing Sonic Syndicate.




Anna K Of DRAIN Sth :: PHOTO GALLERY :: #TBT 1997






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