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Eluveitie, Holy Grail and System Divide – Worcester MA

Eluveitie and friends made a tour stop upstairs at the Palladium in Worcester, MA, as the city was still trying to dig itself out from underneath record snowfall.

INTERVIEW : Eluveitie

Prior to Eluveitie’s headlining show at the Worcester Palladium on February 3, 2011, we were able to get in an interview with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Chrigel Glanzmann and vocalist/hurdy-gurdyist Anna Murphy. In a quick chat before dinner, we talked about keyboards versus folk instruments, why folk metal bands always seem to tour in the winter, and the wonders of Gaulish.

Music As A Weapon 5 – Glens Falls NY

With the arctic weather blowing in to Glens Falls and temperatures of 10 below 0; The Monster Energy Music As A Weapon Tour 5 heated up the Glens Falls Civic Center with music performed by a few of my favorite metal bands.