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Interview – 2Cents

Hailing from Southern California, Musician Photo Journal presents to you 2Cents. We caught up with the guys on The Deth Red Sabaoth Tour sharing the stage every night with Danzig and Devildriver. 2Cents was born from the vision of  brother’s Adam (vocalist) and Dave (guitarist) O’Rourke who shared a mutual love for metal and punk, […]

Interview – Devildriver

Musician Photo Journal caught up with DevilDriver’s guitarist,  Jeff Kendricks before their show with Danzig. We talked to Jeff about their newest album, “Beast” and he filled us in on the inspiration for their latest video “Dead To Rights”.  Also for the ultimate website for any guitar player, check out Jeff and Mike’s (the other […]


Nadine from Musician Photo Journal caught up with Mushroomhead’s vocalist Waylon before his show in Clifton Park NY. They talked about the latest album, “Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children” while looking to the future for a new Mushroomhead music video.


Musician Photo Journal sat down with Combichrist’s Vocalist Andy LaPuega before their show at Invine Plaza. LaPuega tells us about some of the band’s experiences filming their latest music video for “Thoat Full Of Glass”. Learn whether or not the video remained largely true to LaPuega’s original vision, and a bit about how the band felt during filming….

Combichrist – Irving Plaza, NYC & Izod Center, NJ

There are few bands out there that can honestly say that they put the same amount of brutal, skull crushing energy into a 200 person venue as a 20,000 person venue, and yet Combichrist is just one of those rare bands. Having now seen Combichrist perform in both small clubs and massive arenas like Izod and Madison Square Garden, I can honestly say those boys play like they have sold their soul to the devil every show.

Interview – HOLY GRAIL

After a philosophical discussion on the merits of Sriracha hot sauce, ghost chiles, and other such spicy condiments, we got down to business and talked all things Holy Grail with vocalist James Paul Luna and guitarist Eli Santana. As they prepared to perform at the Webster Underground on May 2, 2011 in Hartford, CT, the band members told us about the history of Holy Grail, what influenced the sound of their debut album Crisis in Utopia, and the new wave of traditional heavy metal.

Holy Grail, Cauldron – Hartford, CT

Retro metal mayhem hit the Webster Underground in Hartford, CT on May 2, 2011, when Holy Grail and Cauldron came calling. It may have been a sleepy Monday night in town, but that didn’t stop the bands from putting on a stellar performance.

Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Sevendust – Albany NY

Welcome to the Family Tour Featuring Sevendust, Three Days Grace and Avenged Sevenfold – Times Union Center, Albany NY…Fans poured into downtown Albany early to be sure to claim their spot inside the Time Union Center before Sevendust took the stage…


Musician Photo Journal sat down with Volbeat’s lead singer, Michael Poulsen before their performance in Clifton Park NY. Michael was telling us about their recent success as Volbeat continues to rise in the American scene while selling out stadiums in Europe. We asked Michael to share with us a little insight into the VOLBEAT sound and how it relates to their fan base. Plus as a special, we had Volbeat Fans sent in their questions and Michael answered. Ever wanted to know what is michael’s favorite Elvis Song? Who would he someday like to do a duet with? Has he visited Graceland? Will he make a 50’s style rock album in the near future?? All these and more were answered.