Jagermeister Music Tour – KoRn and 2Cents

(Spring 2010)

In 2002, Sidney Frank Importing kicked off it’s biannual Jagermeister Music Tour featuring the latest in hard rock, hardcore punk and heavy metal bands. The American tour hits the road once in the spring and again in the fall with a different line up. This year’s Spring 2010 Jagermeister Music Tour will be kicking off May 2 in Myrtle Beach, SC featuring KoRn and 2Cents. Comedian, Big Jay Oakerson will also be on hand, announcing the bands with his comedic style.

The tour will give Korn fans a unique experience when it takes the band back to the most intimate venues that they have not played since early in the their career.

Here are the following dates:

May 02 – N Myrtle Beach, SC (House of Blues)
May 03 – Charlotte, NC (The Fillmore Charlotte)
May 06 – Clifton Park, NY (Northern Lights)
May 07 – Hampton Beach, NH (Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom)
May 08 – Lewiston, ME (Colisee)
May 10 – New York, NY (Roseland Ballroom)
May 12 – Scranton, PA (Scranton Cultural Centre at Masonic Temple)
May 15 – Milwaukee, WI (Eagles Ballroom)
May 29 – San Antonio, TX (Sunken Gardens Amphitheatre)
May 30 – Houston, TX (Verizon Wireless Theater)
June 01 – Laredo, TX (Laredo Entertainment Center)
June 02 – Lubbock, TX (The Pavilion)

For more information on:

KoRn : www.korn.com


2 Cents :


Jagermeister Music : www.jagermusic.com

Jagermeister Music Tour : www.jagermeistermusictour.com

Sidney Frank Importing Company : www.sidneyfrank.com

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